Storage Units

5x5 small bedroom or closet suitable for office contents, several boxes, single mattress, small furniture items and household goods
5x10 walk-in closet equivalent suitable for a small one bedroom apartment content
5x15 large walk in closet suitable for a small cottage, a one bedroom apartment, household appliances, washer/dryer, other household miscellaneous items
10x10 typical bedroom size, suitable for most furniture items from a small cottage, one or two bedroom apartment. Can hold a large number of boxes, furniture and appliances, patio furniture and other miscellaneous items
10x15 large bedroom suitable for cottage contents, a two or three bedroom apartment, most household furnishings and goods, appliances, patio furniture, ATV or small boat
10x20 one car garage suitable for cottage contents, three or four bedroom apartment furnishings, appliances, many boxes, a small vehicle or boat